Undergraduate Students

New Loans for Education

If you need help to cover your education expenses, you will find the right solution at ScholarPoint. ScholarPoint promotes a private student loan product that can be used for education-related expenses including tuition, books, lab fees, even a computer. It is a credit-based loan that can supplement federal loans and other aid.

A Private Student Loan offers several benefits, including a variety of repayment options, competitive interest rates and a check sent directly you.  There is no application deadline, so you can apply at any time.

Organizing Your Student Loan Debt

Consolidation Loans – As you approach graduation, get ready to organize student loan debt. ScholarPoint can consolidate all of your undergraduate student loans in minutes. You can apply as soon as you finish school.

The advantages of consolidating now are:

  • Reduce your monthly payment up to 53%
  • Lock in today's low consolidation rate
  • Organize college loans into one easy billing location
  • Defer payments up to 3 years